Welcome to Riverside Centre!

Riverside Centre is an innovative new concept in School District No. 42 featuring Continuing Education, Ridge Meadows College and International Education.  We now offer an education under one roof that will make learning easy and accessible for you and your family.  Whether you are a new high school graduate preparing for a career, an adult finding a new path, a visitor from abroad seeking new experiences, or an individual desiring to enhance your enjoyment of life through personal enrichment course; life long learning is the key to your success.  Riverside Centre offers an incredible variety of learning options, talented and friendly dedicated staff, and a supportive environment that will enable you to build your future the way you dream it.  We hope you will seriously consider Riverside Centre when you are looking at your educational options - learn locally!!   

The Continuing Education Department offers a broad range of course selections including Adult Graduation, High School Graduation and English Language Foundations.  In addition, School District No. 42 Partnerships include specialty and partnership initiatives such as the B.C. Institute of Technology.  A complete guide to Continuing Education options and services is in our course guide.

Continuing Education options include day and evening classes and online learning for adults.  Continuing Education courses are tuition free due to the Ministry of Education "Education Guarantee".  Graduated students who are upgrading skills and knowledge in preparation for career changes and post secondary opportunities can also take courses tuition free.

 Kim Bondi, Principal

20575 Thorne Avenue, Maple Ridge, B.C. V2X 9A6
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