School Closure Decision

The decision to close schools due to weather conditions is ultimately the responsibility of the superintendent, who must balance the safety of students, staff and parents with the need to provide learning. The decision is not taken lightly and is the result of a carefully thought out process that is reviewed after each experience and refined if necessary.

School Closure Announcements

The decision to close schools is made by 6:00 a.m.. Details are:

  • posted on the SD42 Twitter feed (@sd42news); 
  • posted on the SD42 Facebook feed (SD42Facebook);
  • shared with All News 1130, CKNW, and CBC 690 radio stations;
  • posted on the SD42 Website (

weatheralert.pngTo find out details of any weather-related school closures, check the "Weather Alert" box that appears on the banner of the district's home page. (Please note that this box is activated only in the case of inclement weather). Click on "Full details" for the following information: status of schools; status of school buses; status of special education buses; and status of evening classes.

This information will be updated throughout the days as conditions change.

Student Transportation

Student transportation may be affected by heavy snowfall. There are currently 14 regular routes, which may be cancelled altogether or switched to "snow routes."

District Procedures

District procedures around student transportation during inclement weather are outlined in a memo that was sent to all students who rely on school buses.

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