Helping students participate in extra-curricular activities

School District No. 42 receives funding from the Buddhist Compassionate Relief TZU CHI Foundation of Canada to help district students participate in non-school sponsored extra-curricular activities. Aligned with our own district’s vision, they believe all beings are equal and deserve opportunities to pursue personal interests and experience success. Consequently, their resources are directed toward students who are disadvantaged because of financial hardship.

The student's parent or guardian must apply for the bursary with the support of the school principal. Applications may be submitted at any time; however students are limited to one bursary per year.

Bursaries are distributed three times a year: September 30, February 28 and May 31. If a bursary is awarded, the parent will receive a letter from the District's TZU CHI Bursary Committee which is to be given to the organization offering the program. The organization may then bill the School District for the portion of the student's registration fee covered by the grant.

The School District asks all recipients and their families to participate in an annual celebration of student achievement as a gesture of gratitude for TZU CHI’s support. This is a great opportunity for students to share their learning in the form of a live performance or a digital representation. Your school principal, vice principal or child care worker can provide help with this.

The foundation provides snacks and dinner and all students receive a gift. The next celebration will take place on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 from 3:30 – 5:30 at Eric Langton Elementary School located at 12138 Edge Street, Maple Ridge BC. An invitation will be sent out one month in advance.

An application form is available from the school principal, or can be downloaded from this page (see attachments below).

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