Physical Literacy Checklist
An important component of a Quality Daily Physical Education program is assessing the program and evaluating how well it is supporting the development of physical literacy.

PHE Canada article
Pediatricians used to care for sore throats, earaches and the stomach flu. We still do, but these days we're seeing far too many cases of high cholesterol, increasing waistlines and early signs of what we used to call adult-onset diabetes.

PHE Canada article
TV, video games, and computer use are contributing to the rise of childhood obesity. Before these inventions became so popular, children used to run outside to play. Now, more often than not, our kids are content to sit on the couch with the remote (and a bag of chips).

PHE Canada article
As I continue my career in youth athletic development, it concerns me that there are still parents who still want to specialize their kids in a sport at such a young age.

Active Healthy Kids Canada issues their 2009 Report Card on Physical Activity

The 2009 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth is the fifth annual reflection on the many issues impacting the physical activity levels of young people in this country. This year, AHKC highlights the important role physical activity plays in facilitating learning and academic performance. - June 2 2009   Family Tips for Jump Starting Physical Activity


ActNowBC web site for Healthy Living Tips on Physical Activity. 


Few kids walk to school anymore, study finds
Only 30 per cent of children walk or bike to school each day, according to a new study, which is why many of them don't meet the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

Keping Athletes Healthy
Return to school, gathering at competitions, and travel are some of the factors that contribute to the spread of colds and influenza. Click here for some guidelines that will help avoid getting sick in the first place.

Physical Education and Physical Activity - Is there a difference?
Read this article to find out.

Silken’s Active Kids Movement
"Welcome to Silken’s Active Kids Movement; a dream of working together to create a Canada where neighbourhoods are filled with children playing, a Canada where children are healthy and free to enjoy the creativity, community and independence that free play nurtures. "

Activity Challenge
Walk. Shop. Play. Run. Swim. No matter which activity you choose, it all counts and it all adds up to a healthier lifestyle in the Activity Challenge.By clipping on a pedometer, or just logging your activity, you will feel better, have fun and you will be helping BC become the healthiest, most active place anywhere.

Encouraging children to be active at home, at school and in their communities

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