Pedal desks help kids break fidget cycle

November 15, 2015

By Glen Schaefer – The Province

Maple Ridge elementary schools have found that raised desks equipped with bicycle pedals help fidgety students focus on their studies.

“They’re happier because they’re moving, they love to move,” said Laity View elementary principal Shelley Linton, adding that students have told her they feel calmer while at the desks.

“We’ve found that they’re getting into less trouble, we have fewer kids sent down to the office,” Linton said.

The school, with 650 students, got two of the two-seater pedal units — essentially a combination of a stationary bike and a desk — this past September. The desks are at the back of two classrooms, one a regular English class, the other a French immersion class.

“It’s a wide range of students and I would say all of the students use them,” Linton said. One of the teachers lets students sign up each morning to get a half-hour turn on the desk. The other teacher picks students’ names from a hat.

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