Alternate sources of funding help provide enhanced learning opportunities

In addition to funding provided by the provincial government, the district has developed several alternate sources of funding. These include:

  • Cold beverage partnership with Coca Cola
  • School photo partnership with Mountain West Photography
  • An annual grant from the Buddhist Compassionate Relief Tzu Chi
  • Foundation helps needy students to participate in extra curricular activities.
  • Fees generated by Community Education department
  • Fees generated by International Education program
  • Charitable donations through Youth Education Support Fund
  • Charitable donations through Ridge Meadows Educational Fund

Helping schools through the YES Fund

School District 42 is a registered charity which provides the communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows with an opportunity to fund local public school priorities. The charity is known as The Youth Education Support Fund and is structured to support both district-wide and school-based fundraising efforts. The following guidelines explain how a school can use the fund to raise funds through tax deductible donations.

Cash Donations

Each school has a donation account in the fund. Cash donations to a school for which a tax receipt is requested must be deposited in the school's account. The funds in a school account can be accessed via normal purchasing procedures. Invoices and reimbursements will be paid directly by the district.
Cash donation form

Donations In-Kind

Schools are able to receive a wide variety of new and used in-kind donations. However, not all offers of property or assets can legitimately be accepted and some may be a liability. Therefore, before a school receives a gift in kind, it must be approved by the Secretary Treasurer or designate. Proof that the donor owns the gift may also be required.
New 'in-kind' gifts form
Used 'in-kind' gifts form

Helping schools through the Ridge Meadows Educational Foundation

The REMF is an arms-length charitable foundation that will greatly enhance the school district’s options for attracting endowment type charitable contributions. The organization will focus primarily on the need to encourage and promote planned giving and legacy donations. Money donated to or generated by this foundation is protected from any risk.
Note: The REMF website is currently under construction. Check back soon for an updated link to the foundation's pages.

Tzu Chi

The Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District receives funding from the Buddhist Compassionate Relief TZU CHI Foundation of Canada to help district students participate in non-school sponsored extra-curricular activities.

The student's parent or guardian must apply for the bursary with the support of the school principal. Bursary applications may be submitted at any time. Bursaries are awarded three times a year: November 30, March 31 and May 31. If a bursary is awarded, the parent will receive a letter from the District's TZU CHI Bursary Committee which is to be given to the organization offering the program. The organization may then bill the School District for the portion of the student's registration fee covered by the grant.

An application form is available from the school principal. The form can also be downloaded in pdf format by clicking here.

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