Note to school district staff: the primary source for all Health and Safety related information is the District intranet (, which can be reached via the link at the top of this page.


Employee and Family Assistance Program

The Homewood Health website ( provides online information and supports that are available as part of our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). All services are accessed through the Member Services Area (MSA) of the Homewood Health website.

The attached document has easy to follow instructions on how to access the MSA. Visitors to the website will have an easy time finding the information that they need with a robust collection of health and wellness resources, information on the EFAP services, videos, e-learning courses and more.

Please note: When you enter the company name use either “School District #42 Maple Ridge” or “SD #42” ( there is a space between SD and #42 and you must use the # sign not No.). 

For further information, call 1.800.663.1142 or go to the website.

Promoting health, safety and wellness

The Employee Health, Safety and Wellness Department mission is to develop and communicate a comprehensive health, safety and wellness program, to meet the needs of employees and identify, evaluate and control occupational and non-occupational risk factors. The department also manages employee incident and injury claims with support through accommodations and return to work programs.

Liaising with administration, worksite health and safety committees, labour groups, the Workers' Compensation Board, and other agencies, Employee Health, Safety and Wellness develops education and training and compliance strategies with the Workers' Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and related standards.

Safety Program

The occupational health and safety program is designed to provide workers with a safe workplace and to comply with requirements of the Workers’ Compensation Act and WorksafeBC (Workers Compensation Board) Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation.

The School District is committed to providing workers with a safe and healthy workplace by:

  • Promoting a positive attitude towards health and safety in the workplace.
  • Providing sufficient resources to implement the occupational health and safety program.
  • Complying with WorksafeBC legislation, regulations, standards and established safe work procedures.
  • Complying with collective agreement language as it relates to Health & Safety.
  • Promoting and supporting, Worksite Joint Health & Safety committees and the District Health & Safety Committee.

Accident/Incident Reporting Procedures

Employees must report all injuries and accidents, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Significant near miss incidents must also be reported. Employees must also report any situation where the worker experiences any threatening statements or behavior which gives a worker reasonable cause to believe that they are at risk of injury.

All injuries must be reported to the Principal/Supervisor and if necessary the first aid attendant. The employee and Principal/Supervisor will complete the necessary forms and fax them to the District Health, Safety and Wellness Manager within 72 hours of any accident/incident.

Employee completes the WorksafeBC Form 6A. Call WorksafeBC to report your injury. 1-888-967-5377.

Principal/Supervisor completes WorksafeBC Incident Investigation Report with injured worker and worker rep. from Joint Health & Safety committee and faxes form 6A and incident/investigation reports to the school district Health, Safety and Wellness Officer (Judy Dueck). Fax: 604.466.6229

Use this form to report incidents involving violence or the threat of violence. If there are any injuries arising out of the incident, also complete the 'Employee Incident/Injury Report' form


For further information about Employee Health, Safety and Wellness, contact:

Judy Dueck
Manager Health, Safety & Wellness
School District No. 42 Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows
Direct Line: 604-466-6229
Cell Phone: 604-626-9920
Fax: 604-466-6229

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